The Dancker Daamen award is granted every year to the presenter of the best poster at the ASPO conference. In addition to an honorable mention on the website, the Dancker Daamen prize is accompanied by a cash prize of 100 euros.

Dancker Daamen has worked for a large part of his scientific career at Leiden University. He was loved by his colleagues for his enthusiasm and precision. He emphasised the importance of putting empirical knowledge above intuition. He valued scientific theory, but was simultaneously dedicated to study topics with clear social relevance. He was was an inspiration and mentor to many, and was particularly interested in helping academics in the early stages of their career. Dancker Daamen has also been active within ASPO for many years. He died in 2012.

The Dancker Daamen award has previously been granted to:

2023 Huzefa Mandasaurwala

2019      Hilmar Brohmer

2018      Andrea Fariña

2017      Roza Kamiloglu

2016      Florian Wanders

2015      Johnny Buivenga

2014      Margot Tijs

2013      Reine van der Wal