The ASPO is an organisation for and by social psychological researchers.

The aim of this association is to stimulate empirical research with relevance for theory formation in the field of social psychology and to disseminate the knowledge thereof. This includes collecting and disseminating knowledge in the field of social psychology, giving direction to its development and strengthening the mutual contacts between social psychologists.

The main activities of the ASPO are

  • the organisation of an annual congress where social psychologists can meet, inspire and learn from each other (Aspo conference);
  • the organisation of an annual event presenting social psychological insights to a wide audience (The Social Animal);
  • the support of meetings relevant to social psychology at the initiative of our members. In addition, a few times a year members receive a digital newsletter to keep them informed of developments in Dutch social psychology, and up-to-date information is distributed to members by means of a mailing list.


By joining ASPO, you become a supporter of ASPO. You will also receive a newsletter and you get access to symposia which are organised by ASPO. The ASPO membership is valid for one year and runs from january 1st to december 31st.

You can join ASPO by using the members’ portal:


The ASPO board consists of the following persons:

  • Rob Holland (Radboud University Nijmegen) – chair
  • Namkje Koudenburg (University of Groningen) – treasurer
  • Esther van Leeuwen (Leiden University) – secretary
  • Jan Willem van Prooijen (Vrije Universiteit)
  • Bastiaan Rutjens (University of Amsterdam)
  • Reine van der Wal (Utrecht University)
  • Yvette van Osch (Tilburg University)
  • Michel Handgraaf (Wageningen University)
  • Karlijn Hoyer (Tilburg University) – PhD representative