Due to the Covid-19 circumstances we will not be able to host a physical meeting this year, and therefore the ASPO board has decided to cancel the ASPO conference that was planned for December 2020. The conference will be postponed to December 2021 and will be held in the same city (Tilburg). The board is grateful for the flexibility and willingness of the organization team of Tilburg University to organize the conference next year.  

How can we, as members of the ASPO, cope this year without an ASPO conference? Indeed, as a board we decided that some form of connection and exchange should be offered. The ASPO conference has several important functions, such as awarding members with honors, socializing/networking, and providing members (and especially PHD students) with a stage to display their research as well as to give them valuable first experiences in presenting their work. To continue these important practices we will organize an alternative online event:

We will host a live online session on December the 3rd (afternoon, please stay tuned for the exact time) during which we will award one member with the ASPO dissertation award followed by a presentation by the award winner, and last but not least we will host the first ASPO Pubquiz including questions about Dutch Social Psychology, in which departments can cross swords and battle for their honor.

Also, on that day we will provide an online stage and platform for our PhD students and give them the opportunity to present their work. PhD students will be able to submit a short video of their work (e.g. 5 minute videos), which we will make available online from the morning of the 3rd. Other members can of course also submit a presentation. During the live event on December 3rd we will provide an overview of the talks that were submitted. We encourage all PhD students to share their work, but believe that it is especially important for those who will enter the job market soon, as this is a good opportunity to make all ASPO members aware of your work. Specific Instructions on how to take part will be sent out soon.