ASPO aims to stimulate the organisation of events that further the development and dissemination of social psychological knowledge, and that can contribute to collaborations within and beyond the boundaries of our discipline. To that end, we offer financial support to organisers of such events in the form of ASPO Grants. An ASPO Grant can cover the costs associated with organising an event to a maximum of €1500,-. However, in exceptional cases and with good motivation, this budget can be extended.

ASPO Grants can be used for the organisation of various events, such as symposia, conferences, meetings with professionals from outside the academic field, and knowledge utilisation events. 

Members of ASPO can apply for an ASPO Grant at any point throughout the year by submitting a motivated proposal to The application will be reviewed by the board, which will aim to reach a decision within three to six weeks.

The application must meet the following criteria:

  • The primary organiser of the event must be a member of ASPO.
  • The event should be open to ASPO members, although the organisers are allowed to set a maximum to the number of attendees. 
  • If the event is open to both ASPO members and non-ASPO members, ASPO members should be offered a reduced fee for attendance, unless there is no attendance fee.
  • The event should be advertised on the ASPO website and through the ASPO mailing list.
  • The organisers of the event should acknowledge the financial support of ASPO in their announcements and publications.
  • The submitted proposal should acknowledge all of the above points, and include a clear description of the proposed event, its goals, the expected number of attendees, a clear description of how this event promotes our field of study, and how it would be relevant for ASPO members. 
  • The submitted proposal should also contain a detailed budget. The maximum budget is €1500, but organisers can apply for lower budget as well. If the organisers intend to apply for a higher budget, sufficient and compelling motivation needs to be provided for this. 
  • A brief report about the meeting must be provided in both English and Dutch within two weeks after the meeting, which will be published on the ASPO website. The report can be sent to The organisers are also encouraged to share pictures of the event for publication on the website, but should ensure that all persons depicted on those pictures have given permission for the use of their picture on the ASPO website.