We would like to inform/remind you of the possibility of obtaining an ASPO Grant.

The ASPO has been funding events throughout its history, but in the past years was struggling with the size/shape of this funding. After hearing the members at the members meeting last December the board has decided to offer a less restricted granting scheme.

Therefore, as of now, all members of ASPO can apply for an ASPO grant of max. €1500.

This grant can be used to fund various activities (symposia, meetings with professionals in the field, valorization/impact events).

To apply for the grant you need to write a short proposal describing the purpose of the event, how this event promotes our field of study, and how it would be relevant for ASPO members. This proposal will be reviewed by the Board of ASPO.

The organizers also have to adhere to the following requirements:

  1. The main organizer of the event must be a member of ASPO.
  2. The meeting should be advertised on the ASPO website and the ASPO mailing list.
  3. ASPO members should be offered a reduced fee for attendance.
  4. The organizers of the meeting should acknowledge the financial support of ASPO in their advertisements and publications.
  5. The meeting should in principle be open to ASPO members at a reduced fee, but the local organizer has the final say about the maximum number of participants.
  6. The proposal should be accompanied with a detailed budget clearly indicating how the ASPO money will be used. The maximum amount is €1500, but organizers can apply for lower amounts as well.
  7. A short report about the meeting must be published on the ASPO website.

You can apply for such a grant throughout the year by writing to the board ( info@sociale-psychologie.nl ).