The ASPO Dissertation award has previously been granted to:

2022 Sari Nijssen: Development of Anthropomorphism

2021 Ruddy Faure: Implicit partner evaluations: How they form and affect close relationships

2020 Bastian Jaeger: The irresistible influence of first impressions

2019 Rima-Maria Rahal: Cognitive processes in social and moral decision making

2018 Angelo Romano: The power of reciprocity to promote cooperation   

2017 Willem Sleegers: Meaning and pupillometry

2016 Hannah Nohlen: Solving ambivalence in context

2015 Ellen Evers: Sets

2014 Namkje Koudenburg: Conversational Flow

2013 Annemarie Wennekers: Embodiment of prejudice

2012 Erik Bijleveld: The unconscious and conscious foundations of human reward pursuit

2011 Ron Dotsch: Pictures in our heads: Visual stereotypes affect social categorization

2010 Niels van der Ven: The bright side of a deadly sin: The psychology of envy

2009 Madelijn Strick: The hidden power of humorous ads      

2008 Kaska Kubacka: The Rules of Attraction: Trust, Anxiety and Gratitude

2007 Yael de Liver: Ambivalence, on the how and when of attitudinal conflict     

2006 Floor Rink: Diversity and Small Group Decision Making

2005 Gerben van Kleef: Emotion in social conflict, the interpersonal effects of emotions in negotiations

2004 Jaap Ham: Bridging attribution and spontaneous inferences: spontaneous and intentional components of dispositional and situational inferences    

2003 Rob Holland: On the structure and consequences of attitude strength

2002 Ilja van Beest: Self-interest and fairness in coalition formation

2001 Marc Dechesne: Flexible and Rigid Reactions to Reminders of Mortality. Some Further Explorations of Terror Management Theory

2000 Bernard Nijstad: How the Group Affects the Mind: Effects of Communication in Idea Generating Groups.

1999 Wilco van Dijk: Dashed hopes and shattered dreams: On the psychology of disappointment

1998 Daniel Wigboldus: Stereotyping, language and communication                             

1997 Diederik Stapel: (dissertation was retracted) 

1996 Christianne de Poot & Kees van den Bos 

1995 Jan Fekke Ybema: Up & Down: Affective Responses to Social Comparison