Social engagement

Many of our social psychologists are not only doing research in social psychology, but are also trying to translate it into social impact. Several members of ASPO are involved in advising social partners. For instance, social psychologists affiliated to ASPO have close partnerships with, among others, the NIBUD, the Tax and Customs Administration, the RIVM and the Nutrition Centre. On the basis of these collaborations, insights from social psychology are used in everyday policy.

In the past, ASPO has also organised events bringing together social partners and social psychology experts. For example, a symposium and discussion evening was organised with social psychologists and a range of social parties in the field of refugee crises. The board of ASPO will continue to  support such events relating to important social problems (such as discrimination, climate change, health) in the future.

Social involvement also means making the insights gained clear to a wide audience. To this end, every year ASPO organises the event “The Social Animal”, in which social psychologists briefly present new social psychological insights in everyday language to a non-scientific audience.